All That Remains...


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All That Remains..... (Mambo's Mounted Skeleton)

So it's been about roughly 4 months since I had to euthanize my dear Mambo (Panther Chameleon Am)..Had him for four years...Rather than burying him I decided to preserve and articulate his bones. And after four months of working on him on and off between work and school I have finally completed him...



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Maxttu: thank you sir, it's much appreciated..

Eltortu: lol, no smell at all.

dbford88: thank you as well...hours??? Gee whizz, I couldn't tell you...let's say alot...but not as many as you'd think..wish I'd a filmed the process, would have been pretty cool..


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thats gangsta!!! I just buried a 18 year old leopard gecko. I shouldve done what you did. Did you freeze him and them use bugs to help decompose him his flesh?


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Inspiring memorial to anyone that has lost a cham.
How are you attaching the individual bones to each other? Superglue?
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