1. The Silent Roar of a Tree Dragon

    The Silent Roar of a Tree Dragon

    Young adults terrifying threat display
  2. mirrinias

    Interesting behavior from my chameleon

    Hi everyone, today I encountered a behavior from my 1 year old male veiled that I've never seen before! I took him outside with me while I took the trash out, and on the way back in, Jean-Luc looked at me head on, puffed out his chin as far as he could, and did a weird little head jiggle at...
  3. Mambo

    All That Remains...

    All That Remains..... (Mambo's Mounted Skeleton) So it's been about roughly 4 months since I had to euthanize my dear Mambo (Panther Chameleon Am)..Had him for four years...Rather than burying him I decided to preserve and articulate his bones. And after four months of working on him on and off...
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