Advice needed ASAP! I MITE have a problem


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These tiny critters started appearing 3 days ago. They are not as of yet in my enclosure, just in the dubias. I have heard they can be symbiotic with dubias in certain situations but I am not comfortable feeding from this colont till I sort it out.

Please take a minute to look at the video.

The humidity and extra food in the dubias was unacceptable for a few days which I think brought his on, along with a few leaves of lettuce from the garden.

I can eradicate by going through a whole process of sterilizing enclossure and treating dubias by duting with flour (weird huh?) but is there a better way? Do they even get on reptiles?

Is there a product to kill mites and not dubias?

It is a large video file so I linked to Google Drive- someone please verify you can see it and don't have access to my other Google Drive files (!)


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No linky...

But if its grain mites, just remove grains, and keep substrate dry. And the key is to rotate out "food and water" every 12-24 hours. They will burn themselves out in 2 weeks or less. You dont even have to clean the tub.


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As I said in the other post, they're fine. There are mites that live symbiotically with roaches like hissers, I'm sure they can live with other species as well. You're probably seeing soil/detritus mites though which are also fine and come in with excess moisture and food. Worst case scenario they annoy the roaches a little in extreme numbers. They're harmless though, as are most mites. I don't know of anyone that has had parasitic mites with CB chameleons so nothing to worry about there. I had tons of mites in parts of my cham enclosure, mainly on the sphagnum that was wrapped around the bromeliads.


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I didn't get any messages or alerts on the thread!

What's the easiest and fastest way to get rid of them, or should I not even care because they won't bother the chameleon?
I have heard that if you can run a dehumidifier in the room they are in, it will kill them right off because they need the moisture to survive. However, this may also affect other bugs. When we got infested I did not know that, and I just threw everything out and started over....and now I am super on top of cleaning my bugs and avoiding moist grains etc. So far so good. Knock on wood. Mites suck.


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Actually, some are symbiotic and act as cleanup crews.
I wash my bugs every time I feed and even in the initial water bath for the roaches before feeding, no mites floated to the to the top, but my question is whether they usually end up being a hassle to reptiles too or if that's a totally different mite.
Either way it's just transferring them to a new bin to go rid of them, they don't appear to be on any of the roaches.
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