1. Spyro

    US Small Silkworms Available

    We have small silkworms available in the following quantities: 100 for $20 200 for $38 300 for $53 500 for $85 1000 for $150 These silkworms ship in deli cups with a small amount of food to last through transit. You can optionally add an insulated box. Heat packs are included. Shipping is...
  2. Spyro

    Extra Silkworms Available

    We have an abundance of silkworms right now, but due to chow shortages we aren’t offering premade cups for another few weeks. However, we are offering small quantities shipped on a little bit of chow. Perfect for feeding multiple chams/dragons/geckos. 50 for $20 100 for $30 200 for $40 We can...
  3. serenity silkworms.jpg

    serenity silkworms.jpg

    The logo for Serenity Silkworms LLC
  4. D

    Black Silkworm cocoons

    In the next 15 days I will have some surplus black silkworm cocoons available for $2.50 each (minimum order 10) +$7 shipping/heat pack. Moths will emerge, mate after about 5 minutes, lays eggs, mate again, lay more eggs and occasionally mate a 3rd time spanning a 3 to 6 day period, average egg...
  5. JaniP

    Silkworm Incubator

    Hi everyone, I've always only ever had one cham at a time so breeding my own bugs didn't really seem worth it. I just put down a deposit on another boy, my first panther boy! My veiled LOVES silks (as he should) and I think with the new guy coming in December, it will be worth it to try...
  6. MeruJack

    Poop or Oreo Cookies?

    Okay experienced feeder breeders, I just received a shipment of 200 large silkworms. There are eight containers with 25 silkworms in each one. In each container there is a lot of brown stuff that looks like Oreo cookie crumbs. Please don't tell me that those cookie crumbs are actually silkworm...
  7. Lathis

    This is how much my efforts are appreciated...

    Ferdinand's reaction to expensive food items.
  8. DayneDavis

    Coastal Silkworms Ordering

    So i just made my first order from coastal silkworms. I order 500 silkworm eggs and a 1/2 pound of the silkworm food powder. I was planning on keeping the eggs in a cooler and hatching them off a little at a time since I only have one 10 month old Jacksons, but I was recently warned that because...
  9. cswan19

    Best place to get silkworms

    I want my baby chameleon to have more variety in his feeders but locally I can only get crickets and and mealworms as that is all my local pet stores offer. I only have have one 3 month old male veiled chameleon so I don't need alot. Anyone know the cheapest place to buy some silkworms without...
  10. deadhd5

    Rearing Silkworms on Dandelion

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried rearing silkworms exclusively on dandelion leaves? My mulberry tree is obviously out of commission right now and I don't have the same success / enjoyment rearing silks on chow. The chow oftentimes gets moldy or dried, and old chow is difficult to...
  11. busterboy

    Cricket Food (silkworms)

    I know it would be expensive and pointless but I was wondering if I could feed crickets mulberry food (the food for silkworms) to get the same wonderful protein filled feeder. Or will crickets still be less nutritious then silkworms? Also, I order a whole bunch of silkworms (babies) and they...
  12. deadhd5

    Silkworm Best Practices (chow)

    I wanted to start this thread in order to get a set of best practices for raising silkworms from eggs with the goal being to minimize die-off and workload. If we could keep the focus on feeding with chow, it would be helpful entering the cold season. Any thoughts on containers and balancing...
  13. Nrupaw

    Question about Silkworms

    So I bought a cup of "small" Silkworms online. It got delivered fine, all the worms were alive. 0.5 inches small. I tried to move the silkworms from the cup into another container (see image below). I managed to move almost 70% (approx) of them into without any issues but almost 30% of the worms...
  14. JTelcontar

    Silkworm Cup + Mold

    I saw a old topic related to this (from 2007, yikes) but I didn't want to bring that topic "back from the dead". I purchased a "baby" silkworm cup from Mulberry Farms a couple of weeks ago. Everything was going quite well, Cicero was LOVING the small silkworms, and I thought they were just...
  15. B

    feeding chameleons exclusively on silk worms?

    Hi, i've heard afew people say that one a panther chameleon turns 6 months old you can feed them silk worms as a staple instead of crickets, i know that silk worms are lower fat so tell me what you think ;)
  16. ChamOh

    Are all silkworms created equal?

    There seems to be three kinds available: de zebras, de blacks, and de regular silkworms.. Are these worms equally as good as feeders?
  17. SoCaliSon

    Regs and Zebras... All mixed in now?

    Back when Zebra silkworms were new on the market an order of regular silkworms would get you all white silkies. Same with Zebras. But I have noticed with my last few orders of silkies, where I just ordered regulars, I would also end up with lots of zebras. I haven't ordered Zebras exclusively...
  18. Dave

    Zebra Silkworm Eggs (Great for Do-It-Yourselfers!)

    A new shipment of Zebra silkworm eggs are finally coming in. They've been delayed by US Customs, but now are finally available once again :-) Zebra Silkworm Eggs 250+ - $13.95 500+ - $17.95 1000+ - $19.95 2000+ - $25.95 5000+ - $45.95 10,000+ - $79.95 25,000+ - $119.95 Orders 1000...
  19. Dave

    Large and Jumbo Silkworms availible :-)

    I've got a few hundred large silkies available to anyone in need. 25 Large $8.95 50 Large $12.95 Also have about 60 Jumbos available.. 15 Jumbo $5.95 30 Jumbo $9.95 All cups are + shipping, plenty of premade chow and dry mix chow available as well :-) 1 lb Premade Chow $7.95 1/2 lb Dry Mix...
  20. summoner12

    Silk worms for sale!

    I have med silkworms from Mulberry farms for sale. If you are in the SoCal area I can meet you. I make worm runs to Mulberry Farms twice a month currently. If there is anything you would like me to pick up let me know. You can contact me via PM or AIM in my profile. Kevin
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