Medium Zebra Silkworms

Discussion in 'Market Archive' started by Dave, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    I have about 4000 Medium Zebra Silkworms (about 1" in length) left over from the Georgia Reptile Expo. $11.95 for a cup of 100. If you would like to get a cup of Small, Medium, or Large Phoenix Worms for $6, I'll guarentee shipping at no more than $5! Producing Fruit Fly Cultures also availible.

    Thanks everyone!! :)

  2. reptimom

    reptimom Avid Member

    Thanks Dave! Received my order today. All chams are eating high on the hog tonight!
  3. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    That's great! I'm glad they're enjoying them :) Thank you so much for your business, I hope to be hearing from you for a long time to
    come :)

  4. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    These guys are large now, and I've got minipods of 25 large for $9.95 or cups of 25 large for $7.95.

    Any order of 2 or more items I'll guarentee only $5 for shipping with all US orders!!

  5. Klemins

    Klemins New Member

    Any smaller silkworms available?
  6. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    There will be in a couple of weeks or less. I also have Phoenix Worms that are smaller in size if you're interested :)
  7. RCode

    RCode New Member

    Would you ship to Canada? or is there issues with that stuff?
  8. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    Can't ship to Canada, unless there was 2 day priority availible to Canada I didn't know about. If you can find information on it, I'd be happy to.

  9. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    The new website is up and functional :)

    You can order and pay for your order on



    how far off until you have small regular and zebra silkies? i tried to order on you site and they were all sold out..:confused:
  11. telkins08

    telkins08 New Member

    still got medium-large?
  12. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    No sadly we're experiencing problems getting more eggs as our current stock of eggs is held up in customs. We'll be back on our feet soon :)
  13. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    Medium Zebras availible again on :) Extremely Limited supply!
  14. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    Also have some smalls and large availible as well :)
  15. ConcertPhotog

    ConcertPhotog New Member

    the website says you're sold out of smalls...
  16. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    I know, I haven't been able to update the website yet, can't get ahold of the webmaster :-( PM me your order and we can handle it manually :)
  17. Cameron B

    Cameron B Member

    Hi guys. Inventory is updated. You may order smalls, mediums, and larges at this time.

  18. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    Wow guy, on top of things ;-) Thanks!
  19. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    New Smalls, Mediums, Larges, and Jumbos

    All sizes are now available. Plenty of smalls and mediums, as well as Large and Jumbos. If you'd prefer eggs, or would like some to go along with your order, we have those as well :)

    Update: Georgia Bugs "Pods" are now renamed as Chow-N-Worm Cups. :)

  20. mikee51

    mikee51 New Member


    do you send to sweden i want some hornworms

    You can order and pay for your order on

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