Large and Jumbo Silkworms availible :-)

Discussion in 'Market Archive' started by Dave, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    I've got a few hundred large silkies available to anyone in need.

    25 Large $8.95
    50 Large $12.95

    Also have about 60 Jumbos available..

    15 Jumbo $5.95
    30 Jumbo $9.95

    All cups are + shipping, plenty of premade chow and dry mix chow available as well :)
    1 lb Premade Chow $7.95
    1/2 lb Dry Mix $9.95

    Thanks everyone :)

    -Dave Cross
    -Georgia Bugs
  2. lilblacky

    lilblacky New Member

    how big are the larges?
  3. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    Large are between 1.5"-2" long, and jumbos are 2"-3" long. :)
  4. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    Oh and I just wanted to say that over the last month, we've had 100% success rate with all shipments sent with heatpacks :)
  5. Revler

    Revler New Member

    All out already??

    I'm trying to check out with silkies on your site and it's saying your sold out already! Is this acurate are we supposed to contact you through the board or your webside I was interested in 50 lg silkies and a couple of hornworm pods.

  6. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    I've got Zebras, not Regulars. I'm definitely not sold out on the website, try it again :)
  7. Revler

    Revler New Member

    Aha- that was the problem, I was trying to order the regulars not the zebras. I'll try again, thanks!
  8. Revler

    Revler New Member


    Nice Georgia Bugs man!! I hope you read this I just put in an order on your website for the zebra silkies and a couple of hornworm pods and some chow and I forgot to note that my next day off isn't till Wed. SO If you could set me up for a Wed or a Thurs. delivery I would greatly appreciate it. I have been so absent minded today, I apologize!!
  9. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    Not a problem bud :)
  10. reptimom

    reptimom Avid Member

    Dave - tried to order hornworms and large silkworms, but says "sold out"????? Let me know what you have available. Thanks!
  11. Dave

    Dave Avid Member

    I have Large ZEBRA silkworms, no regulars. And you are welcome to order Hornworms now, but new hornworms won't be ready to ship till next Monday, but you won't be disappointed ;-)
  12. wheresstimpy

    wheresstimpy New Member

    oops, thats why it didnt work
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