1. BackwaterReptiles

    Babies hatching...

    Three different species were hatching today, Veileds, and the two species pictured below: The Flapnecks... ...and the Montiums...
  2. GCash

    T. montium hatching

    The first of my clutch of montium eggs began to hatch today. These are CH from a WC female imported back in Dec. I didn't think the female was even going to survive to laying when she came in. Got her back in enough shape to lay the eggs and thought for sure she was done for after that. She kept...
  3. BackwaterReptiles

    Cameroon bounty...

    By now many of you have heard about the Cameroon shipment that came in legally within the last few days--the first in a long time. I was able to procure 30 quads, 20 montium, 14 cristatus, and 20 pfefferi. Some of the quads are red claws. Pretty good mix of juveniles and adults. Some are in...
  4. torquasprings

    Another one of my T. montiums

    Alright, so, since John liked the pic I sent of his/my baby so much that he posted it up (thanks for that, John. :) I'm super glad to see that you're as happy with how handsome he turned out as I am. :) ), I thought I'd post a pic of my bigguy too. :P
  5. ferretinmyshoes

    Oliver my new T. montium!

    Meet Oliver, my new T. montium who was captive hatched and raised by ataraxia. He's so cool with his little fins. He's about 9 months old now and I've had him for two weeks. He's in great shape and a good eater. This was him just unpacked looking very unsure of everything: And now he is...
  6. ferretinmyshoes

    Meet Rhaegar and babies on the way!

    Here is my little gem from Ataraxia, captive hatched 5 month old Triocerus montium named Rhaegar (I like name themes and I love the Game of Thrones books). He arrived yesterday and so far isn't quite sure what to make of everything yet, but drank a lot. I hope he settles in nicely and one day...
  7. Monties1982

    Baby pics!

    I took a few pictures of a couple of my baby montiums today, so here they are ;). This picture would have come out better, but the lens started fogging over :p.
  8. Monties1982

    Lots of Tommy pics!

    I took several pictures of my 4.5 month old montium, Thomas, the other day. Enjoy!
  9. Monties1982

    Baby montium pics

    Here are some pics of my baby montiums who hatched between 11-22 and 11-25. I tried putting them all in one place to get a picture of all of them at once, but keeping them all in the shot was like herding cats. They wouldn't stop moving around :p. Here they are back in their home...
  10. Monties1982

    First montium hatched with pics!

    The first baby hatched from a clutch laid in June. It weighs 0.64g. Here are some pics!
  11. Monties1982

    Baby's first shed

    My baby montium shed for the first time yesterday. I caught it on the tail end and most of the shed had already fallen off, but I got these pictures of what was left.
  12. Monties1982

    Baby montium update

    I just thought I'd give an update on my baby montium that hatched 8-25. I can see horns just starting to form and his back and the base of his tail is becoming scalloped, so I'm sure he is a he. I weighed him today and he had the biggest one week gain in weight yet. He went from 0.94g to...
  13. Monties1982

    My whole gang (lots of pics)

    I got pics of all my chameleons today. It's the first time I've taken pictures of all of them at the same time. Here's Trixie, my female montium And her baby My Pfeffer's, Pfritzi And the male, Pepe My Quad, Qadir, striking a pose My other male...
  14. Monties1982

    More baby montium pics

    My baby montium was in a good spot yesterday, so I snapped a couple of quick pics, and since everyone loves baby pics ;), here they are. Uploaded with
  15. Monties1982

    New Trixie pics (montium)

    I took Trixie out to weigh her this morning, so I thought I'd take a couple pictures while I was at it. They turned out pretty well :). Uploaded with She weighs 20.56g by the way.
  16. Monties1982

    Baby pics

    I got a portable photo studio from and tried it out for the first time today with my baby T. montium. Here are the pics. Uploaded with This is a link to the portable photo studio for anyone interested...
  17. Monties1982

    Even more montium eggs

    My montium, Trixie, laid another clutch of eggs today. She laid 9 eggs. I thought montiums were supposed to have 2 or 3 clutches a year, but this is the third clutch she's laid since I got her in January. The first was at the end of February, then she laid another on 6-13, and now another one...
  18. Monties1982


    Look what I found when I got home today :D. Out of the seven eggs my T. montium Trixie laid, six went bad on me, but this one made it.
  19. Monties1982

    Good news

    I got 2 female quads and a female montium a little over a month ago and the montium laid 7 eggs a week ago :D. I saw she had some dirt on her nose so I figured she must have been poking around in the bottom of her cage looking for a place to lay her eggs. The bottom of the cage is a 23" pot...
  20. Monties1982

    Pics of my little ones

    I have new pics of my young chameleons. First, here's Pfred. And here is my little montium who surprised me and started growing horns meaning he's male and not female like I originally thought :p. I still haven't decided on a new name. Here he is right after being misted...
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