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I got 2 female quads and a female montium a little over a month ago and the montium laid 7 eggs a week ago :D. I saw she had some dirt on her nose so I figured she must have been poking around in the bottom of her cage looking for a place to lay her eggs. The bottom of the cage is a 23" pot with a layer of river rocks on top and I didn't think she would be able to get under the rocks, so I put a laying bin in the cage with her, but when I saw it hadn't been touched after being in there all day, I looked more closely at the bottom of the cage and saw a spot at the base of one of the plants that had been disturbed where I found 7 eggs buried. I'm guessing she must have already laid them when I saw the dirt on her nose. This is the first time I've had eggs, so I'd appreciate any advice on the best way to incubate them as far as temps and such. I ordered the incubator from LLL Reptile that heats and cools, but just have them in the laying bin I set up until it gets here.
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