Oliver my new T. montium!


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Meet Oliver, my new T. montium who was captive hatched and raised by ataraxia. He's so cool with his little fins. He's about 9 months old now and I've had him for two weeks. He's in great shape and a good eater. This was him just unpacked looking very unsure of everything:

And now he is settled in and looking lovely in greens!

He's a fan of little dubias and his MistKing. Hopefully I'll be able to find him a girlfriend when he's a little older. I have always wanted a montium and they're even cooler in person! Awesome species. :)
I don't see too many of these boys, and every time I do I sit here and gape over how fascinating they are. The fins always make me ponder if they were once an aquatic species that hasn't gotten rid of their past aquatic features.
I love those fins , so unique - and his little horns - cute !! LOVE his name ;) I bet your house is like a little bit of critter heaven with all the different things you have- wish I were you neighbor so I could watch them all day roaming the yard- ( no, I am not a stalker - L :p L ) I just love to see pics of all the different little guys you have :D
Awesome looking guy. First time I have ever seen one and I am fascinated. I never knew, until I found this forum, that there were so many different types of chameleons. Thanks for sharing...:D
Thanks everyone! There will definitely be more pictures in the future! I wish these guys were more widespread in captivity. They're so cool! I can stare at him all day. :)
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