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  3. Fiery boi

    Fiery boi

    Fired up 2 year old Ambilobe panther, after seeing my female panther. How rude, staring like that.
  4. polite boy

    polite boy

  5. Louisiana Tree Dragon

    Louisiana Tree Dragon

  6. The Silent Roar of a Tree Dragon

    The Silent Roar of a Tree Dragon

    Young adults terrifying threat display
  7. O

    Help! NOSY BE adoption NYC area! Incentive!

    Hi folks... as much as it sucks to write this I'm wondering if anyone in the New York City area -- perhaps folks going to the Long Island expo this coming weekend -- are interested in adopting a 3.5 yr old male Nosy Be in solid health. I unfortunately had to take a sudden job switch to Chicago...
  8. C

    My male Veiled showing off

    I got him at the NH Reptile show back in March as 2yr old and he is looking as handsome as ever outside! His change of colors is phenomenal to me, enjoy!
  9. C

    adult veiled barking? & 'frisky cham'

    I have been noticing some interesting behaviors the past couple weeks. My 2yr male veiled is going through a shed and I heard a barking noise. I thought I was crazy until my BF ran into my work room saying he just heard the chameleon bark. Cham was totally content. Is this a mating behavior...
  10. Beautiful4Ever

    Chams are getting some great colors!

    Morpheus (1st picture) is showing some great greens and teals :p Super excited to see how he changes in the next five or six months! :D Scarlet (2nd picture) decided to puff up at me for the 1st time...showed some great patterns and subtle coloring. Have had my little ones for about 4...
  11. cswan19

    Does my veiled look healthy?

    I've had my male veiled chameleon named Malibu for almost a month and a half and so far have absolutely loved having this little dude! :D I was told he is about 2 months old. I may be just a worrier but I think he seems kind of skinny /: I feed him about 8-15 1/4" crickets a day or more if he...
  12. A1forall

    Luke Says Hello

    Luke is a few months over a year old. He was a late bloomer, but blossomed nonetheless. :D
  13. Supergirl

    Update: Leonidas all grown up! (pic heavy!)

    Thought I'd post some updated pictures of our big boy Leonidas... he's a year old now. It's been such an awesome experience watching him grow up.. He's not only handsome but has the best personality ever! Thanks for looking! :)
  14. dominicthechameleon

    LLReptile vs FLChams for a Baby Male Veiled Chameleon ?

    Which is better? :confused: LLReptile or FLChams :confused: Shipping to Bethesda, Maryland :p I want a Male Baby Veiled Chameleon :) Goods and Bads of Both?
  15. dominicthechameleon

    Best Place to Order a Veiled Chameleon?

    Does anybody know of a reliable place to order a Veiled Chameleon? I was thinking FLChams. I want a Male.
  16. JordanD

    New Photo's of My little Guy

    Hope You like them as much as I do :D
  17. Ethen44


    This is my male F. Pardalis, Letharius :) He will be having some offspring screamers of his own here in the next few months. Can't wait! :D
  18. S

    Male Veiled - General health and checkup

    Cage Info Cage Type Screen/Metal combination 30L x 17W x 56H Metal Cage interior lined with vinyl pet safe screening Lighting Repti sun 5.0 -- 6 months or so old (time to replace!!) 100W standard incandescent light on for 13 hrs a day 7am sun up to 8pm Temperature Basking spot has a vine right...
  19. Ethen44

    Hilarious Pic!

    Lars attempting to be the new Sobe Lizard haha! He managed to do this by himself while I was distracted by cleaning his cage. :D
  20. Chameleons Northwest

    Two Handsome Nosy Faly Males for sale or trade

    We have these 2 handsome Nosy Faly males for sale or trade. We have had them for 3 months now. They are wild caught and are completely acclimated to cage life. They are feasting on large crickets, buttterworms, and medium roaches. They have been treated with Reptaid and their fecals have been...
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