adult veiled barking? & 'frisky cham'


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I have been noticing some interesting behaviors the past couple weeks. My 2yr male veiled is going through a shed and I heard a barking noise. I thought I was crazy until my BF ran into my work room saying he just heard the chameleon bark. Cham was totally content.
Is this a mating behavior? Or has anyone heard of them barking?
Also when we take him out he umm...*coughs* gets frisky with our hands. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd have a chameleon masturbating on my . Its totally weird! He was a proven breeder but we try not to encourage that behavior. Do other people have the same issue with breeder chams?
He's a naughty boy!


I have no experience with that what so ever, but your post gave me a good laugh. Lol. Best of luck with your Cham!
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