1. ChameLIonLover

    Papaya smells!!!

    I was wanting to add a healthy gutload item to the bugs I feed to my guy, so I picked up a large mexican papaya the other day (10 dollars, wow!). Let me tell you, it smells like vomit. I'm not talking about the vomit-flavored jelly means. I'm talking about vomit, like if you threw it up, ate...
  2. LLLReptile

    Vitabugs! Get the crickets designed to fill your pets nutritional needs!

    Existing feeder insect choices do not provide complete nutrition for captive insect eaters, as a result, dusting or gut-loading is necessary. Even when used properly, many existing commercial gut-loading products and dusts do not provide appropriate nutrition. * After years of research and...
  3. LLLReptile

    Gutload, water crystals, feed your feeders the best!

    Every type of gutload for your crickets, mealworms, superworms, name it! Use water crystals with dry food for something long lasting - try these Water Bites ($2.99) along with Fluker's Cricket Feed ($2.29) for an inexpensive option before you invest in bulk sizes! Make...
  4. sandrachameleon

    What I have gutloaded with this week

    Hi I've been noting what I used as gutload this week. Im curious, what have you been offering?
  5. ReptiGeek

    Gutload idea, orange juice?

    I've seen on the forums that a lot of people use orange slices as part of their cricket gutload. Oranges can be rather expensive where I live, however 100% orange juice isn't compared to the amount you get. Do you guys think that if I put orange juice into my veggie mix it would be beneficial...
  6. ReptiGeek

    What do you feed your Stick Insects?

    Title says it all guys! I'm picking up some stick insects tomorrow and plan on going out and getting some food for them today, just wanted to know what you guys feed yours! Oh and to answer anyones questions, yes they will be chameleon food.
  7. gperlman

    How many to feed/ what to gut load with

    I just received my dubia roaches yesterday in the mail and I am unsure as to how much to feed my guy. I received a starter colony with tons of different sized roaches but i am only used to giving him crickets. He is about 11months old and is a normal weight panther. I used to give him around...
  8. sandrachameleon

    Vitamin B Sources

    Blog entry listing sources of Vitamin B: B vitamins are important for: The breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, and breakdown of fats and proteins (metabolizing /energy production) The nervous system...
  9. B

    Some questions about wax worms.

    Hi I just bought 10 wax worms I know they should not be fed often at all that's why I got the least amount possible. They don't normally have any worms in apart from mealworms so I just got a few. I just wanted to know a few things how to I keep them I got them in some wood shavings. This is...
  10. sandrachameleon

    Green Leafy Goodness

    Some info on a few of the common green leafy gutload items that many of you already know about, but which I hope some of you will nevertheless find useful…. Arugula (aka Rocket) A good source of Protein...
  11. Echoezra

    Ginger as gutload?

    Started buying fresh ginger for in my stirfrys, I accidentally bought two big chunks last week, used up a bunch last night trying to make homemade ginger ale, wondered about the scraps of skin I cut off before I chop it, and/or the boiled stuff I strained out of the ginger ale - good/bad to...
  12. Echoezra

    Dropped hibiscus flowers as part of cricket gutload?

    So I keep having dead hibiscus flowers dropped all over thebottom of my cage. I remember reading how much the chams like to eat the flowers, and how they're healthy for them, vit.C or whatever, so I was wondering about throwing these dead flowers in with my cricket veggies for gutload? Maybe...
  13. sandrachameleon

    grape leaves?

    Is anyone using grape vine leaves as part of their gutload? Grape leaves are high in calcium, nearly Ca : P = 4:1 So I want to incorporate into my gutload (either fresh or dry). So far, I find roaches and stick insects are agreeable to eating some, but crickets less so. Considering gently...
  14. sandrachameleon

    Spaghetti Squash

    winter squash is now in season where I live, so i thought I would share some nutritional information on Spaghetti Squash to promote its use as a gutload.... 1 cup (about 100 grams) of raw spaghetti squash (edible "meat" portion, not rind and seeds) contains: Water 92.5 g Energy 31 kcal 131...
  15. sandrachameleon

    Nutritional Values in a variety of common gutload items

    For your interest: Nutrients in Mustard Greens Nutrients in Romaine Lettuce Nutrients in Collard Greens...
  16. sandrachameleon

    Nutrients in Squash, Oranges, Sunflower Seeds, Dandelion Leaves

    Values as reported by The Agricultural Research Service Nutritional Database Nutrients in Squash: Nutrients in Oranges...
  17. sandrachameleon

    Cereal as a gutload - Whole Grain TOTAL

    Has anyone used or have comments about using General Mills Whole Grain TOTAL Cereal as a gutload? I notice that it appears to be high in calcium content (1000mg per 30g) and low phosphorous content (80mg/30g). Primarily for this reason, I was thinking of using it as part of my...
  18. K

    Why Gutload when there's a Shortcut?

    I never thought of joining a forum before, so whether you welcome me or not, I'm probably going to be annoying the hell out of you guys in here because of how much I love my little Pennie, and I'm really gonna need your help as it's my first time ever to own a chameleon. So first, I'm...
  19. Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Our first chameleon ever! He's stunning and full of personality (we're only on day 2!) You guys are awesome! Confusing and complicated for people who have never owned anything requiring basking light, UVB, gut loading, etc.
  20. Food


    Food for Cricket Gutload
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