Spaghetti Squash


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winter squash is now in season where I live, so i thought I would share some nutritional information on Spaghetti Squash to promote its use as a gutload....

1 cup (about 100 grams) of raw spaghetti squash (edible "meat" portion, not rind and seeds) contains:

Water 92.5 g
Energy 31 kcal 131 kJ
Protein .65g
total lipids (fat) .58 g
carbs 7g
calcium 23mg
iron .31 mg
magnesium 12 mcg
phosphorus 12 mc
potassium 109 mg
sodium 17 mg
zinc .10 mg
copper 0.04 mg
maganese 0.126 mg
selenium 0.3 mcg (depends on the soil where grow)
Vit C 2mg
thiamin 0.04 mg
roboflavin 0.02mg
naicin .06 mg
pantothenic acid .36 mg
B6 .102 mg
folate 12 mcg


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It's fall? But it's still in the 100s!

Thank you for the info Sandra! Now I want spaghetti. :)
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