grape leaves?


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Is anyone using grape vine leaves as part of their gutload?

Grape leaves are high in calcium, nearly Ca : P = 4:1 So I want to incorporate into my gutload (either fresh or dry).

So far, I find roaches and stick insects are agreeable to eating some, but crickets less so. Considering gently steaming the leaves, or alternatively dehydrating and crumbling. Have not yet attempted to feed any to silkworms or superworms, though maybe this weekend I will.

Curious to know how others may be using grape leaves, and what if any method is working best.



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I have a huge gravevine growing on the fence in the back yard. I will try to throw some in with the silks and dubias and see if they go for it. The dubias usually polish off whatever I put in there pretty quickly. Thanks for the info. I will let you know if they eat it as quickly as they do squash.

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Hornworms luv them. I have plucked them (hornworms) off my grape vines, and then fed directly to chams. Nobody dropped dead yet !
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