Dropped hibiscus flowers as part of cricket gutload?


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So I keep having dead hibiscus flowers dropped all over thebottom of my cage. I remember reading how much the chams like to eat the flowers, and how they're healthy for them, vit.C or whatever, so I was wondering about throwing these dead flowers in with my cricket veggies for gutload? Maybe beneficial? Any reasons not to?
No reason not to whatsoever, unless the crix dont eat them, in which case they will rot, but give em a go, just a few at first, if the crix devour them, great! :)

Ill never get used to your avatar LOL Im sure your face is prettier! :)
Okay, that's what I was thinking. Cool. Zaphod's isn't flowering, so not sure if he'll eat the flowers himself or not. Little Zelig's got all the pretty flowers and by the size of them it's more likely the flowers'll eat him!! Lol. So in the meantime I figured why waste them? :)

Ill never get used to your avatar LOL Im sure your face is prettier! :)
LOL!! Well, depends on when you catch me, I guess. ;)
I'll have some real chameleon pictures up there soon... But how do you pick which one? I don't want to play favorites... Can't take a pic of both of them together. :( especially not when your little one looks like a hornworm! Haha
If the avatar function allows the use of gif files, you could use an image editor to create a changing gif to switch between a few different pics. *shrugs*

I still say that looks like Marylin Manson LOL :p :D
Changing avatar

That sounds like a very cool solution. Probably a little above my technological abilities, however. Usually what I do in these cases is tell my son what I'm trying to do, say "I can't figure it out though" and then he takes it as a challenge, an opportunity to "beat me" and then he teaches himself how to do it. Hahahaha... Much easier for me, and much less swear-ful. ;)
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