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    bloody sperm plugs?:

    I suggest looking at the 2nd page of this thread. Dr. O makes some fantastic points about the nature of rectal bleeding (whatever the source may be). Although I have never seen this in chams, I...
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    Report of grasshopper breeding success?

    Just curious if anyone can give some insight on they're or others success rates and experience with breeding grasshoppers. It looks like Europeans are definitely ahead of us on this game, and are making bounds with 'locusts'. I have seen many posts on grasshoppers on this board, by US...
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    The difference between Ambato and Ambanja.

    Great add to the discussion Motherlode. It is nice to get a long term individuals perspective on this. And yes, as with many other things, Europe is showing us up (and not just because they have easier access to exports). Right on all accounts Motherlode. Thanks for adding.
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    The difference between Ambato and Ambanja.

    Very interesting discussion here. It's too bad that no real academic work has been published thoroughly, assessing geographical color variation with this group of chameleons. Would make a great project. Compared to some of the insect and arachnid projects I have been involved in...
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    Too much UVB

    I am not trying to debate you, but I would be really interested in seeing quantitative data showing this. I think it would be really interesting. I will have to look through some of Ferguson's topic publications and see if you touches base at all on artificial UVB over-exposure. I might...
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    Cranial morphology

    Exceptional work Niels!
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    Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!

    Still putting together more Panther cages. About 15 more to finish, and I will start messing with some smaller species.
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    Newest bradypodion set ups..

    I am becoming increasingly interested in halogens.. It would save me some room and probably be a better application for smaller species!
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    Anyone use philodendron scandens??

    One other thing... find a local greenhouse and buy local and independent! :)
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    Anyone use philodendron scandens??

    First off, Philodendrons and "Potho's" (Epipremnum spp.) are two totally different plant genera. They are commonly confused. Both are considered toxic, often attributed to high levels of calcium oxalates. These oxalates are also found in Kale, which is why kale is suggested to be used in...
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    Addicted to plants ever since...

    Support your local independent greenhouses and nurseries if you got em'!:)
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    Fertilizers for live plants in enclosures?

    Do note, seaweed extract is a little high in certain metals. If you look on the label of a bottle of seaweed extract, you should see a warning somewhere on the cancer causing, and reproductive harm this product is known for. Not saying that it should not be used because of this, just saying...
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    Tropic Escape Hibiscus

    This plant is simply a selected variety of Hisbiscus. I am not sure if this is a hybrid or just a selected cultivar. I do know that Costa Farms is developing a number of different patented varieties of Hibiscus. They should all essentially be true Hibiscus, thus, non-toxic. Although, be aware...
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    Fertilizers for live plants in enclosures?

    I totally overlooked the egg part. I am not completely sure what you are saying, but I would not even consider thinking of your plant and eggs in the same frame of mind. At least, not unless you are very well versed with both chameleons and plants, and want a [needless?] challenge. EDIT: Jim...
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    Fertilizers for live plants in enclosures?

    I have been debating this for a while, that is, fertilizer use with such animals. First, perlite is just used as a additive to create more aeration in soil. Chams do have a possibility of ingesting it. I have seen dehydrated chams die with mouthfuls of soil. Hard to say exactly what was going...
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