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    Heat/basking bulbs

    u can get a dif "color" of bulb. they have them in many shades. white, clear, yellow, "natural", bright. my cham likes the yellowish ones the most. i use plant and floresent lights to light the cage not his backing light but i am sure my cage is larger and i need the bigger lights.
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    Are Grow Lights Harmful?

    i use 2x 4 foot 6500k (plant) bulbs from home depot 4$ each when i got them. 1x 4 foot floresent light so light reaches the bottom of the cage. 1x 65 watt house bulb for basking 1x 24 inch uvb. cage is 4't x 4'w x 2'8'' d. on the inside winter time he only has a few plants in there to...
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    Tank Big Enough?

    my beardie wants too much attention some times. she is the sweetest thing if i dont go to the backyard with her. most nights if i dont say goodnight to her she will scratch the side of the cage untill i say goodnight and rub her head. they do get a nice size and like the interaction unlike...
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    pic time before and now

    here u go, some enclosures :P
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    Vanity drainage project

    and thats all that matters right? i wish my plants would grow faster before i go and make another cage thats smaller.
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    Had to do some remodeling

    looks nice for a "little" guy :P how small is he and what kind?
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    pic time before and now

    more pics gogo :P and i got my mistking yesterday
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    play find Kazuma. he looks so small in his home. is it bad that i have 50 feet of vine and want more in there for him.
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    i picked up 4 today and put 3 in the cage and keeping 1 out side just incase. i have 2x 4' reef lights and 1x 4' plant light and 24'' ubv and basking light. it should be enough but time will tell. i will post pics tomorrow after work. couldnt sleep and have to be up in 3 1/2 hours :*( been...
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    thank you for replying.
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    will any work or just the rosa sinensis.
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    pic time before and now

    lets see your pics
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    Cricket Setup

    i just use a 40gal breeder for my 4 inches of dirt, handfull of cooked moss in 1 corner for babys to hid and like 15-20 tp tubes on the other side. mist them when the dirt gets dry, throw collared greens in for them to eat and get fluids between mistings, and one part i nver mist...
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    Super Panther Condo

    nice cage. i would just say add live plants but that just me
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    How is my setup, pics included most common ones i use pothos, jade, ficus, maple, collared greens, getting some hibiscus.
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