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    Cricket Escape

    LOLZ [email protected] are FUNz
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    Baby Veiled Spits dusted Crickets

    dont mist the crickets you are probably over dusting and he can tell the difference. dry dust with a smaller amount and see if he eats them
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    Chameleon Shower?

    Ok, good to know!! I was not sure if it was an enjoyable experience or just for health concerns, now i know! i appreciate your expert advice dodolah!
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    Chameleon Shower?

    Thanks, my little boy doesn't have any problems but im sure he will enjoy it .
  5. Opus Eyeing A Bug Outside

    Opus Eyeing A Bug Outside

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    Chameleon Shower?

    No I don't have a mist king, just a regular automated mister, that doesn't work as nice as a mist king, i had the image of bringing the cham into a steamy shower room to enjoy the the steam and mist that the shower produces, but not in the actual shower.
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    Chameleon Shower?

    I keep hearing about this, but i don't know the benefits and how to do it. I was wondering if any one with experience could tell me how to go about this, and what the benefits are for the cham? Thanks a bunch:)
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    The Grinch has arrived

    glass you might cook him alive in the glass tank next to the window when the sun comes out.
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    any good reptiles store in NYC

    wild discoveries, belleville nj wild discoveries in NJ Belleville is pretty nice they have everything for reptiles
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    Opus nomming a winged cricket

    He likes to pick and choose the winged ones for some reason, hope you like the picture.
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    My NosyXAmbilobe Opus in the hibiscus!

    Thanks, also thanks to everyone else that has commented on Opus Macanudo's beauty lol! :D
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    My NosyXAmbilobe Opus in the hibiscus!

    Yea his jaw is no longer rubber though, I work for a dvm that specializes in reptiles and he sees opus regularly now because I have been home from college for the summer and his bone hardened like that because when they were rubber his tongue weighed it down and it just healed that way...poor guy
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    My NosyXAmbilobe Opus in the hibiscus!

    mbd he is recovering from mbd, we took him to a reptile specialist vet a while ago and found out, along with a parasite. he is on a daily regiment of a calcium supplement, but his mouth is taking the longest to reverse, a few months ago he had rubber bones and needed to be watched very...
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    My NosyXAmbilobe Opus in the hibiscus!

    Opus on another adventure in the wild through his new bush! His colors are really starting to scream lately, 8 months on the 20th!
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    Well MBD is treatable, but your going to have to take her to a vet to get medication. Some sort of liquid calcium supplement will help her reverse. I would also get her fecal tested for parasites.
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