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    San Diego

    Thanks Everyone! I am now in San Diego. I am staying in Old town for a few days and then moving by the bay. My first flight ever went very well. I was scared at first, but it was all good. It is BEAUTIFUL here! I don't ever want to leave. We drove all over sight seeing and drove over the...
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    San Diego

    I am leaving for San Diego this Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we will be at the Marine Corps base because my husbands brother is graduating from basics so we decided to go out there and see him. We are staying until Monday, so we have all day Saturday and Sunday to do whatever we want. Is their...
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    crickets are really loud at night:/

    I feed my chams medium crickets. They are fairly large, they just lack the wing, or whatever makes them chirp. I also heard that the medium crickets are healthier, because their is more meat (using a body weight ratio) and it's exoskeleton isn't as hard, so it is easier to digest. But really I...
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    Well if that is truely the case, then I agree it is sad. But all this happens in nature, it is part a big circle. I obviously didn't get any pleasure out of it. I hope a person didn't just do it for the shoot, but I guess I wouldn't put it past some people.
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    I guess it is sad, but if you ask me the little guy had it coming. Its is like when a squirrel is sitting on a branch teasing a dog thinking it can't reach it...and then *Snatch* the dog jumps up and grabs it...sad...a little...but he defiantly had it coming :) Squirrels do it to my moms dogs...
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    I believe it is a Bradypodion pumilum or a Cape Dwarf Chameleon. Not positive. The guy on the video called it an South African Dwarf Chameleon which puts it in the Bradypodion family, but then he also said something about being cold in the I put 2 and 2 together. But someone will...
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    Help george

    Where are you in Michigan?
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    vet visit

    I have a large shoebox that I put some fake vines in. For car rides I don't want them to be able to move around too much, and feel more secure. I have made many trips to the vet and my cottage this way.
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    Rare Maroantsetra

    You don't want my advice on male is Dizzle (Dizzy) and my female is Shizzle (Shizzy)...whenever I tell people that they say "God I hope you never have children" LOl...I get a kick out of it. My first chameleon was a Jacksons...guess what I named him? yup you guessed
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    Small Abscess

    Hey all, just thought I would let you know the excitement for today. I woke up and did the bi-daily chameleon routine. I looked over my 4 year old male Sambava and noticed a very small bump on his bottom lip, the tip, not the side. So being a dental hygienist and reading this forum throughly led...
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    Third Eye??

    I had a feeling that link would come up :) You have to give that pilot props though!
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    Rare Maroantsetra

    What, So I am not suppose to be taking my chameleon for runs with me?...:D
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    question about dead chams

    Wow...that is cool, yet very creepy at the same time...:) Debmonster; 1.0 gato diablo <---I just saw that, it made me laugh :)
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    Parang Lives On!

    Whatever he is, he was amazing, and I am sure the babies will be too! That is a very cool name, I shall have to listen to some Parang music, sounds interesting!
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    Parang Lives On!

    Hey Kent! Was Parang a Sambava? His eyes look exactly like my males when he is in the "mood". He was a beautiful chameleon! Where did his name originate from?
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