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Hey all, just thought I would let you know the excitement for today. I woke up and did the bi-daily chameleon routine. I looked over my 4 year old male Sambava and noticed a very small bump on his bottom lip, the tip, not the side. So being a dental hygienist and reading this forum throughly led me to believe it was an abscess. So I called my vet. They initially didn't have an opening, but they are awesome and sqooze me in a 3! She lanced it and a little bit of pus came out (mind you it was just a tiny bump, but I am paranoid :) ) Chameleon pus is different than human pus it is more solid...thought that was weird. But she said the problem must have originated from an outside cut of some sort. She checked inside his mouth and that looked good, so no mouth rot. Now I need to look through his whole cage and make sure there isn't anything sharp...this should be fun :) But right now she told me to put diluted betadine and peroxide on it, and if it doesn't seem to go away within a week that I have a standing order of baytril that I can pick up. I also need to cut back on all the treats I have been giving him, but he loves his hornworms! He went from 142 grams over a year ago, to 184...his fat pads on his head are showing too :) What is a good range for a panther? She thinks he will be perfectly fine, and shouldn't need the antibiotics. So I will give it a few days and see if I think he needs them.

Oh, and on a happy note, the babies are doing awesome, they are getting huge and flashing impressive colors for being young!

Have a great Day! Stay warm...the wind chill is like -15 here...burrrr!!
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