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    Shut these crickets up!

    Buy smaller crickets and buy banded, only the adults chirp. Banded aren't as noisy as house crickets.
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    Bleach concentrations

    That would be a .525 bleach solution as the bleach you are diluting is already 94.75 water and additives. That's kind of what I'm asking is if everyone uses a .525 % solution or if anyone truly uses a solution with 10% bleach?
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    The horrible wholesale!

    Pretty much all of the big box stores have corporate guidelines they are REqUIRED to follow in terms of animal placement and care. Many people know the correct way to care for them but the store will get dinged on their inspections if it's not to corporates specifications. The best thing to do...
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    Bleach concentrations

    I am writing this in hopes of clarification. I do not have many animals so I currently disinfect in a 5.25 bleach undiluted to disinfect bowls/accessories. I use f10 in the cages. While this has done well my question is, do most recommend a 10% bleach solution and if so where do you source...
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    Finally have my baby Panther!

    I vote "over the moon" with all those blues
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    Mistking timer retains water

    If water got in the timer it has a socket on it and is plugged into a socket. Water is getting into it somehow.
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    Mistking timer retains water

    I've never had a problem with the timers or any of most kings products, been running them for 10+ years. I second what everyone else is saying, if you have water around a socket you should really address that.
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    Cricket question

    I only chill them upon arrival to make them easier to transfer to the container I keep them in. Once they are in there home I keep them under a heat lamp. From what I have read online 10 minutes in the fridge is enough but should not hurt them.
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    Cricket question

    i was wondering how long everyone chills there crickets to slow them down? Do you guys put them in the freezer or fridge? I stuck an order of 500 in the freezer for five minutes or so and lost half of them. I have an additional 500 on the way and really dont want to lose as many this time around.
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    Best place to order online

    I have used Ghann and been very happy. I use standard ground it will get to me overnight. For 500 it runs me roughly 22 bucks. They are based out of Georgia and fed ex has a map to see expected shipping times.
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    Any techies out there?

    I may be wrong but it shouldn't be locked to a carrier, if it has a SIM card you should be able to use any carrier. If you want to jailbreak it that's easy but it depends on the phone model.
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    Too small for hornworms?

    Definently silks, hornworms grow so much quicker it's ridiculous but I believe they get bigger then silks.
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    Cham aggression

    I would prefer he be aggressive, he is briefly when I first get him out but I make it quick so as not to stress him more then I have to, my concern is he goes to flight mode almost immediately and I gonestly didn't know chams could run or jump! He's quick for a Cham and jumps maybe two to three...
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    Cham aggression

    do you think I need more foliage? Currently I have a very dense bush that fills almost the entire cage, I honestly don't think I could fit more in. He was on the door to the cage in the top pic.
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    Cham aggression

    do male panthers normally mellow some with age? I have a six month old that hates being handled, to the point he jumps off my arm to get away. Pre cleaning Post cleaning I take him out during his weekly cleaning to try and get a good look at him to make sure I don't see any health concerns.
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