Your Next Chameleon?

Your Next Chameleon?

  • veiled chameleon

    Votes: 94 10.1%
  • panther chameleon

    Votes: 488 52.6%
  • jackson's chameleon

    Votes: 87 9.4%
  • pygmy chameleon

    Votes: 59 6.4%
  • other species

    Votes: 162 17.5%
  • undecided

    Votes: 37 4.0%

  • Total voters
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I want to have whatever I find next that needs a good forever home. Not really become a rescue, that would take a lot of money to have too many, but to spoil another one after Swyft would be rewarding. I'm really enjoying him and for now I want him to be my "only child." of chams.


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Nosy be pair last was an ambilobe and a cb meller both from chuck g heroic chameleons
i am putting a deposit on a pair of ambilobe panthers tomorrow from Chroma, but speaking of Heroic, how come when i click on his ad, it just opens up a new window for the forum?:confused:


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I'd really love to get a female blue or purple bar ambanja. I want to have a breeding project with my male.

Chameleon Estevez

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I've wanted a Jacksons pretty bad for a long time but have never seen one in a shop. getting shop owners to hunt one down is a waste of time.
I have thought about ordering on line, any peeps I should be talking to about that? Oh yeah I live in Canada is it gonna be difficult to get one into the country?


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my wish list!!!

Panther male /female pairs (ambilobe, nosey be , sambava, ambanja, nosy faly, and cross hybrids):D

veiled male and female (blueish turquoise)

Mellers male and female pair

jacksons male female pair

and Parsonii pair !!!!:D:D:D:):rolleyes:;):cool::p:D


I'd like my next to be an Oustalets or a Rudis. This won't be for a long time though, Napoleon, school, and work take up all of my time already. :rolleyes:


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I voted panther chameleon. In fact the next 1 im getting is a Masoala/cap est. I put both locale names because theres some America England confusion as to what exactly he is. Americans call them cap est, We call them Masoala. Anyhow, Ive already paid my deposit and in 1 month he will be ready for collection. I will be collecting the female in a few months!!! Watch this space guys.:D


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Any new chameleon purchases will be on hold for at least 6+ months, but later down the road a female ambilobe for my baby BB/RB ambilobe male would be nice.


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I would love a pair of Trioceros cristatus or montium! I love their little sailfins! :p

For some reason the quadricornis don't do it for me though :rolleyes:

A pair of deremensis would be pretty sweet too though lol
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