Your Next Chameleon?

Your Next Chameleon?

  • veiled chameleon

    Votes: 94 10.1%
  • panther chameleon

    Votes: 488 52.6%
  • jackson's chameleon

    Votes: 87 9.4%
  • pygmy chameleon

    Votes: 59 6.4%
  • other species

    Votes: 162 17.5%
  • undecided

    Votes: 37 4.0%

  • Total voters
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What chameleon species do you plan to bring home next? If your particular species is not listed, please let us know more about your future plans. If you don't know or are not sure if you will be acquiring a new chameleon in the future, please select the appropriate option.


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I would love to have a carpet.....someday. As for right now, I'm out of space. Cage here, cage there, cages every where.


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I already have a veiled cham, so i really would like to get an ambilobe CBB panther cham. i want to get one from the kammers but idk what their site is could someone tell me.


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Ryan- right on man..that sire is crazy yellow!!... i was thinking about getting one from that clutch should post some pics when he gets in!!

Im looking for somthing a little more orange ie tylers Loki bloodline..and to make it even harder on myself, attitude is a big issue when im acquiring a new cham.....the hunt is on!
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