WTB ‘Nice’ Wooden Cage

Vegas Chad

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Title says it all… I am looking for a ‘nice’ cage; not a nice aluminum screen cage, because when it’s all said and don’t it is still just some window screens screwed together. They are fine for a reptile room; however I want something that can be put into a public area and have it still look really nice, something where the lights arnt sitting on the top and the drip bucket is out for everybody to see. ECT… You get the idea I’m sure. What I am looking for is something like Alchemy’s new cage (https://www.chameleonforums.com/pics-info-bugattis-custom-3625/); it’s very nice with all the care items hidden from plan site and yet it still has it all.
What I want to know is something like that available from a store, or are there keepers among us who would be willing to build one for me for a little extra cashola?
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