worried about moving cocoons(picsinside)


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Just as title states, they are constantly cocooning at different times so some are ok to move while others are fresh in my silkies made easy post at the last post I have more pics but heres an example.
If you separate your worms according to size then it'll be a lot easier to remove the cocoons as they will be in a tub with other big guys who are easier to move :)
Yea life got a little crazy so between my girls(chams) frogs and new gecko I ended up picking and throwing leaves with branches in the tubs which happen to be perfect places to cocoon I was too late separating them out and it was so many. So now I got a silly mess :(
Aw man that's rough! See it's all fine until the moths go to hatch and squirt that goo everywhere! What sort of housing do you use for them? Like, do you transfer them to a clean tub or anything? If so just transfer the worms and leave the cocoons where they are :)
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