With this budget, what setup would you get

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  1. Would I still need a basking lamp/light with this quad setup? If so - what do you recommend...
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    Yes, just a halogen heat bulb from the hardware store
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    The basking spot bulbs for reptiles are overpriced
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    Just make sure to measure temps before you get your little guy, you don’t want him to get burned or it not be hot enough to bask and digest. Play with the wattages until you find the right one
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  5. I learned that one from my tortoise!!!
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    Yep! I use regular incandescent bulbs depending on the temp I am looking for I will either change the wattage or move the fixture away a bit.
  7. So I heard from Bill at Dragon Strand - if I get my order in soon, it will definitely be Dec when I get my set-up delivered. I wish it was sooner, but to get something great, manufacturing wait times are what they are. That gives me plenty of time to find a stand & customize it the way I want. Also to get plants, replant them and wash - get the chemicals out. I will be getting a feeder setup ready for my different feeder insects/worms - those won't go to waste as I can use them to feed my geckos & hopefully start a breeding colony of some. I can also do some good hiking and collect lots of local branches to prepare for the set-up. Once here, all components should be here & I can get everything assembled.

    I have chosen a breeder & my baby boy will be big enough to come home after the rush of the holidays around January. WOOHOO!

    I am sure I will still be asking a ton of questions in the next few months!
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    I’m so excited for you!!!
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  9. ME TOO!!!! So Excited I can't stand it! I don't know how I'm going to wait so long, but then I know I have so much to do!
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    Waiting for chameleons is definitely fun! Lol, just kidding, but once he comes, it will be so fun having him! Patience is rewarding! What breeder did you go with?
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  11. Matt Vanilla Gorilla is who I went with - he has some beautiful Ambanjas that I've been drooling over via email/texts. They will be ready to ship after the holidays, so the timing works out perfect. Lots of great breeders out there! Most are very ethical & helpful! I can't say enough great things about Matt though!
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    Matt Vanilla Gorilla is so helpful! I still have to make a purchase from him!
  13. He's been super helpful, as have other people, but he's been amazing. I love his ethics & his results are beautiful. The timing works great - it just lines up & was meant to be.
  14. Has anyone used these containers from Ikea for drainage &/or misting reservoirs? They have lids with holes built in & you can see water levels, which make them appealing to me. For the misting system, I know I would have to cover the hole so nothing bad gets into the water supply - probably get a piece of spare plastic & epoxy it.

    Here's the lid with the mystery hole size:

    Here's the large storage container:
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    Lol, ive seen it before though.. when these young kids want to get a cham and they have a highly unworkable budget.
  16. I have no doubts! Not me though - I think I've set a reasonable budget to give a cham a lovely life! Can't wait till Jan when my baby comes home!
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    Not all just kids.
  18. I just bought my 1st items! I won an ebay auction for some fake vines. Going hiking this weekend & hoping to find some good branches. Will also try to find some end of season clearance plants too!
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    Since you're starting with a nice budget, do yourself a favor in the long run and get a better light fixture. I always cringe when I see the odyssea fixtures recommended. If you still want to go with that fixture, you can find them for less. They have a single reflector for all bulbs which is defeating your purpose as the bulbs absorb light/ uv from other bulbs causing wasted light/ uv.

    Look for a higher end aquarium light or hydroponic fixture with individual reflectors. Ati powersun is a great fixture though it would eat up 1/6 of your budget roughly depending on bulb count. Personally I prefer sunblazes line for hydroponic fixtures if they have the size your looking for. A little more utilitarian in look vs the ati but won't break the bank so to speak either. Hopefully this pic will make sense on the bulb absorbing in a single reflector fixture posted by Todd himself on fb.


    Ps: Matt is fantastic to work with. He's been great to me and my family and many others here. Definitely a two thumbs up for him and his family l lol.
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  20. Interesting. I might call & get his recommendation too

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