With this budget, what setup would you get

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  1. LOL!!! :ROFLMAO: I can't wait to see plans he is drawing up for me - I'm sure the neighbors will think my office has turned into a growhouse!!! :wideyed::ROFLMAO::LOL::D:)
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    Sorry for the delayed reply, I'm not getting notifications for some reason. It really depends on plant plans. I have one enclosure with a 6 tube fixture on it lol. I think the 22 is ~7.5" wide if I remember closely enough. Depending on what plants you're planning and general layout you may want to go two 22's, or one 21 and led.

    :wideyed:, :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. I'm surprised they haven't yet. We are approaching 2.25 times the electric bill vs before our addiction started :eek:.

    :ROFLMAO:, I have some more digging to do yet too for sketch one. Two of the cobs I was looking for aren't currently available without ordering batches of 50 :confused:.
  3. I think 50 WOULD vaporize everything in the neighborhood!!!!
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  4. Ok - I know I've been a pain to @Matt Vanilla Gorilla, but I FINALLY decided on which locale (after changing minds hundreds of times)!!! Ambilobe! My soon to be little boy's daddy is Skittles & Mom's dad is Rainbow Delight. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!
  5. I plan on having a "living wall" similar to the picture attached. This will be on the backside of my enclosure with a dripper constantly droipping down the plants. The plants on the wall will mainly be viney plants such as a pothos, but it really comes down to what I can find at the time. The main plant in the enclosure will either be an umbrella plant or a ficus, or a combination of both.

    If I get 2 22's would I still only use one 6% Arcadia bulb and 3 plant bulbs?
    I feel like LED would be amazing, does it provide better light for your enclosure, or what is the benefit of using it? If I choose to go down that route, the UVB would go in the 21 right?
    Thank you so much for your help!

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    Did you use foam board to make up the panel?
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    Awesome link, thanks! I did the same thing in my old enclosure but spray foamed directly on the screen (had to lay it down on a tarp then peel off the tarp). I’m always looking for new ways to do stuff like this! Thanks again!
  8. This is defidently the best way I've seen this be done. I'm defidently going to be using this method in my Dragon Strand enclosure.
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  9. I really like that idea for the back of my dragon strand too! I was planning on being boring and using wood panels, but a modified version of this, with additional use of the dragon ledges on the sides would work too
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  11. Oh, I've been stalking that thread - will post for sure! Now the long wait, spending lots of $ to get necessary items, and thinking of a name! But hey - I've made some friends so far & become a full member!
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  12. Me too!!! I'm not set on the specifics, but I am 100% sure I will be getting him from @Matt Vanilla Gorilla

    Good luck man! I cant wait to see your beautiful Ambilobe!
  13. There are some great breeders, but @Matt Vanilla Gorilla is a great guy too. You can't go wrong!!
  14. Agreed, I recently contacted him and he was so kind and helpful. 10/10 from me!!
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    Sweet, we are getting two sisters to your boy then :D. Our addiction runs deeeep these days :LOL::LOL:. Btw, I have come to the conclusion the Matt thrives on constant pains. Not sure he would know what to do with out all of us always asking questions :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:.

    If you go living wall with mostly pothos and the solid green leaf variation of the umbrella you may be able to get away with the 21 and 22 together. Not sure if it will penetrate deep enough into a thick umbrella to keep from dropping lower leafs though. I think two 22's split like planned would get you there safely. If you do led / 21 the uvb would go in the 21 yes. If you go two 22's you could run two uvb if you wanted to. I'm running two in my 46 placed in the second back and fifth back slots for better coverage.

    But, since messing around with the pool bulbs, they've really become more my future plan direction or diy led. They are similar to the jungle dawn but not an exact match. The jd runs half the leds at ~2w per led vs the pool bulbs 36 at a little over 1w each. Though not as efficient as some of the diy cobs they are pretty dang bright for ~3900 to 4100 lumens lol. I've run across a "bonus" effect from them that I've talked with @Matt Vanilla Gorilla and @Decadancin about. Until I have a chance to attempt replicating with more then Lola it's not something I'd suggest others try just yet.

    As to the vero 29 project, in all honesty, it has pretty limited use to us after seeing what cobs are available individually currently unless you are ok with a more yellow tint in the enclosure. Highest available temp is 5000k atm. I did find some citizen cobs available in "cooler / daylight " white but looking into them a bit more yet. So if you're in not to big of a rush they look to be a better "option" performance wise over the pool bulb/ jd's so far.

    @Decadancin, should I unwatch and rewatch the thread to try and get notifications again?
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    I'm not sure, but let me know if you are seeing this @dshuld Notification. If not I would suggest trying to unwatch and then "watch" again. I'll tag @Brad so he is aware that there is a potential issue. I also noticed a few times I was actually tagged in a thread that I did not get an alert but noticed when I was cruising through new posts. I'll have to keep an eye out for it and start tracking to see if we have a bigger issue going here....
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    No notification but I just unwatched and rewatched with email lol.
  18. Woohoo!!! We will definitely have to share pics, etc!!

    All this light talk is making my head explode & I'm getting my doctorate in nursing! I can explain the function of every body system down to the cellular level!!!
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    Lol, wait til you start reading pdf's for the different cobs and deciphering part numbers :eek:. Some make sense and others it's a wth were they thinking at first :LOL:.

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