Lets see your Ambilobe!!!!!


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So there have been many great pics in the thread Club Ambanja...

But I'm thinking we need to see some Ambilobe as well!!! :cool:

Besides the fact that I now am the proud Cham-Daddy to a male from Canvas Chameleons (sire-Marley) named Raistlin, I have seen so many amazing Ambilobe out there!

I will get things started with my YBBB boy...
This is our boy Esko from the cyclops lineage at Brightside chameleons. He is a eager breeder and at 1yr weighing 131g!!!!



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First post!

This is Karma. Our 9 month old from FL Chams. His room is always dark at night, but I had to quickly flip on the light. I caught him snoozing out in plain sight and was taken aback by his pastel dreaming colors. He’s normally much darker.

I’m pretty happy with the low light shot through the screen enclosure door with my phone.

These animals are so freaking amazing.
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