With this budget, what setup would you get

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  1. dshuld

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    His single tube fixtures are the only ones I'd use but again, look around and you can find them cheaper.

    Screenshot_2018-10-09-22-57-38.png Screenshot_2018-10-09-22-54-53.png

    For a better visual, here is a comparison to the quad odyssea reflector vs the sunblaze reflector.

    Screenshot_2018-10-09-23-04-43.png Screenshot_2018-10-09-23-03-09.png
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  2. celeste_knitter

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    That's half the price of the other quad setup. I would just need a uvb bulb, which is easy to do.
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  3. dshuld

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    Haha, exactly. Cheaper, better reflector and you get the benefit of 5 year warranty on fixture and ballast on the sunblaze fixture vs 90 day for the odyssea version.
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  4. celeste_knitter

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    Thanks! I love cheaper with better warranty! I bookmarked for purchase soon!
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  5. dshuld

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    Lol, that is the way I look at it too, better fixture for less. You could get creative and go with four of the sunblaze supreme series (supreme 41) to get better spread across the enclosure too. The jumper it comes with is 4" but you can get 18" and 48" versions fairly cheap to be able to move them around to better suit needs. Still carries the 5 year warranty as far as I'm aware too. Have you some what decided on a plant list yet though? I didn't look at the link to what your vision was last night but did this morning. Are you thinking of having broms like that one does?
  6. celeste_knitter

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    I was reading somewhere in an older post about having a main 4 bulb that included a UVB and then some spot grow lights plus a basking light. Is that something you recommend @dshuld?

    My plant list changes from minute to minute - but right now:
    schefflera arboricola (umbrella plant)
    epipremnum aureum (pothos)
    codiaeum variegatum (croton)
    spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
    Columnea arguta - Goldfish Plant
    Pachira aquatica - Braided Bonsai Money Tree
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  7. dshuld

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    Are you planning a similar "design" to that link with a mostly bare bottom with everything hanging from the sides? Hibiscus and petunia are going to want high levels of direct lighting while the rest are high levels of indirect light. Depending on your layout ideas, I can think of a couple of different ways to go. Do you feel comfortable doing a "diy" led setup? Depending on your layout plans, the vero 29 project @cyberlocc has been working on may honestly be the better route to go over multiple t5ho bulbs and spots on two or three species of plants.
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  8. celeste_knitter

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    I did want to keep most everything on the sides. If necessary, I could put a ficus on the floor but ideally it would be anchored to the sides using the dragon ledges and branches towards the bottom. I'm not sure how involved a DIY LED system is, but my father is an engineer so we can probably figure it out given some direction and links to supplies. I'm up to my earlobes in graduate school assignments due tomorrow, but I will look at the vero 29 project. I'm happy to take any/all suggestions for lighting plans!
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  9. dshuld

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    Ok cool, I'll try to draw up some sketches for you then.
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  10. celeste_knitter

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    Taking a quick study break just to say - YOU ARE AWESOME @dshuld !!!!
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  11. Char333p

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    oh course not, but I can at least understand younger kids, since they usually don't have jobs. but with adults... its like you should know better then to pick up cham with inadequate budget
  12. celeste_knitter

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    Absolutely, which is why I've waited since I was 8 to get a cham. Not the right place, time, or budget. Too many people don't & animals suffer or die.
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  13. dshuld

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    Lol, thanks :D. Have one sketch done, I'll try to finish the parts list for it if work permits it today :rolleyes:.
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  14. celeste_knitter

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    THANK YOU!!!!
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  16. Brodybreaux25

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    You know, we can help you spend that money!
  17. celeste_knitter

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    I have no doubts that you guys can help me spend it WISELY!
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  18. @dshuld Would buying both of these light fixtures for a large Dragon Strand enclosure be overkill?

    I had a "vission" of putting the dual bulb fixture on the back with a 6% arcadia in the slot closest to the middle and a 6500k plant light closest to the back wall. Then the single bulb fixture would be place in the front with a 6500k plant light as well. In the middle there would be a basking bulb.

    Does this sound good? If not, could you possibly guide me in the right direction? You seem to know what you're talking about!!
    Thank you for the great tips!!
  19. Forgot to post the picture :D:rolleyes:

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    @dshuld is currently working on harnessing the sun to power his next build. NOTHING is overkill unless it vaporizes the enclosure :wideyed:. Just wear sunglasses and get some for your chameleons (and neighbors) and it should be fine. When the police arrive to see if there is a grow house they will just say "Oh, chameleons, carry on!"

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