white skin on back/spine area (not shedding), burn?


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I've had a female veiled for about 9 months now. She has shed fine 3 times and she successfully laid two clutches of eggs so far (what an ordeal that is!). I'll be happy to offer advice on egg laying in veileds to anyone!

She is in a screened enclosure, has UV, heat lamp, gets suppliments, etc. Heat lamp is 75 W and temp is in the typical basking range (85-95C) in one portion of her enclosure (3ft high by 1.5 ft wide/deep)

Anyway, she has developed some white skin around her bumps above her backbone starting about two months or so. I noticed this after a shed quite some time ago. She does not seem bothered by it, but just recently, it looks like some of this skin is cracking and some of her bumps along her back seem smaller.

Has anyone experienced this before? Suggestions as to what it might be? It really does not seem like it's the beginning of a shed.

Thanks much.

It could be a burn, bad shed, or something else. Pics would be very helpful. For bad sheds I use mineral oil applied with a Q-tip, for burns a lot of use something called sylvadine (spelling?) which you can get from the vet.

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