Bump on the side of Panther Chameleon


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I've had a look through the forums here and couldn't find anything similar to the issue I am having.

Beardie is my 10 month - 1 year old female Panther Chameleon and recently a large bump has appeared on her side. The bump sort of inflates and deflates itself randomly, either when she is sitting still and begins to move around or when she's feeding. I have performed a physical health check on her myself and have waited a couple days to see if anything changed. I have noticed her behaviour has changed and she has been spending a considerable amount of time on the surface substrate of her enclosure and isn't feeding as frequently as I'd hope. The bump itself feels very empty, it feels like any normal skin and does not feel hard but very soft. She is very friendly towards me still and doesn't seem to be in pain. Is this something I should be very worried about?

Hmm that is a bit concerning. @MissSkittles @Beman what do you think?

Has she ever laid eggs for you before?
No she has never laid eggs for me, I got her roughly around July last year. I have attempted to feel for eggs to see if she is gravid but I don't think I am experienced enough to tell as Beardie is my first chameleon.
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