What should I put inside?


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Hey all! new to the forums and new to chameleon owning (well I will be when I get my first one)
I am no novice when it comes to owning reptiles but definitely when it comes to chameleons. I just purchased my first terrarium
the XL zoomed deluxe (61x61x122cm)
and though I know care information and what not. Every video or thing I read has something completely different inside the terrarium
minus the leaves. I was wondering if I could get some good information on what are a NECESSITY when it comes to baby veiled chameleons
I want to make sure it's enclosure is perfect before I purchase it so it has a good home. any info is welcome
thank you!!!


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Have you checked out this care sheet? It is probably the most reliable one:
That care sheet states everything from lighting to plants, so it should help you get a good start. If you have already read it and you just want some extra information, then I bet we can shed some more (UVB) light on it~ ;)

Also, thank you for being one of the people who makes sure everything is perfect before bringing a cham home! It will make the adjustment period so much easier for both you and your cham.

Do you already know which sex you are going to buy?
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