questions about my chameleon enclosure


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hi im new to the forum and new to chameleons. i dont have my cham yet but i have my enclosure mostly set up and just had a few questions and i wasnt sure who to ask. so i habe a reptibreeze xl deluxe which comes with an added LED strip, but every other light is a red light, is that safe for cham? also i have all live plants and i repotted them using black kow fertilizer, which is all organic but its starting to mold a little. is it safe to use or am i better off repotting with normal organic potting soil?my final question is with my mist king system, i cant seem to figure out how to get my bulkhead on my reservoir to not leak. I have the o ring on the inside and ive tightened the hell out of it but it still drips. Should i add some sort of silicone? And if so whats safe to use in said application? any help is appreciated
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