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My veiled chameleon has had this weird like bubble/bulge on the front part of his eye and it will swell up and down occasionally but now is just still and it seems like he can no longer see out if the eye and I’m not sure what it is, he is eating and drinking regularly and is currently molting but this bulge has been here for about 3 days now and am hoping for some help on what to do


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Chameleons don't need two eyes to eat...they learn to compensate quite quickly to get along with only one. I had a panther that had its eye removed due to cancer and within three or four days after the surgery it was accurate again at hitting the insects.


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Almost looks like the muscle they use to stroke the internal wiper in their eye is constricted and locked in place. Its not just some swelling or a bulge, part of the eye is also sucked in. He defiantly cant see out of it. I think I've seen this before, let me dig for a while...

Filling out the help form would help a little.

Please don't take this post as a reason to delay a vet visit, no matter what I find he should still be seen ASAP as mentioned above.
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