Water and light question


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I know someone just posted about too much water but I think I have a didn't issue maybe the same so I'm sorry if I am asking the same question.

Anyways I just got a new baby panther and I would like to hook up the mist king to his cage along with my big boy. Only problem is it mists for a minute at a time I'm worried that the pinheads will drown. I thinking about putting a false bottom in the cage and drainage will this be ok.

Also is it ok if I have him on the same timer of lights (12 hour cycle) or should I have him on less. Thank u.



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You can use a drainage system, Also be carefull not to over mist a lil one. Large drops can fall on baby chams and drown them as well the blast of the mister could be hard on tiny chams. It is ok to have them on the same lighting schedual.
the crickets will likely be fine with one minute of misting.

Lights should be the same. The sun doesn't change it's hours just for babies in the wild ;)
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