walking and climbing with a jerky motion

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lately fireball a.k.a. sleepy has been walking and climbing in a strange way she sorta rocks back and forth in a jerky motion shes about 2 1/2- 3 months old she is in a esu cage 20x18x12 with reptisun 5.0 basking temp 88-90f
ambient temp has been around 74-77f she has a dripper for the past month
and she gets sprayed 2-4 times a day for 10-15 each time she eats well .
her crickets get dusted everyday with rep-cal rotating with t-rex cb chameleon food.
i am not sure if her rocking walk is normal as i know they will sometimes perch on a branch and sway from side to side like a leaf to camoflage therself.
i am unsure if her problem is from to much calcium/dusting or not enough.

anyone have any suggestions??
The jerky walking is normal. (Moves forward and then back and then forward and puts a foot down, and then repeats it to move another step forward?)
her walking is not slow and steady its shaky and rocking she may rock back n forth 5-8 times in the process of taking one full step foward.
It is natural like Kinyonga said. If you where further away it might look like a leaf in the wind. At that size you do not want to attrach attention. I would guess that most do this walk. I have never seen an adult do it.
thats why im asking because i have not seen the adults do this funky walking but i do remember when Shaky was a baby he did this funky walking alot thats how he got his name.
totaly normal..its like they try to mimic leaves on a branch..I think it is a sign of good health..its how they dance.lol..two steping...I think they think you dont see them when they do it.or did you see the movie matchstick men? When he has to open the door 3 times before he can walk through..lol...Fireball is a cool name also..lol
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Cracks me up when I am holding Joyce and she does it, like she's fooling me into thinking I'm only holding a blowing leaf. :rolleyes:
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