Veiled eating leaves.

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Is it normal for a chameleon to eat leaves off a ficus plant? I just watched my 4 month old veiled pull off a small leaf and eat it. Will this hurt her? Is she lacking something she needs in her diet? :confused:
It should be good for her to eat the leaves from what I read in books. One thing though with the ficus plants is to be careful of any broken branches. If you ever broke one of the branches off, you should see a white sap like liquid start to come out. Make sure your cham doesn't touch that because it can be mildly toxic to them. Be sure that it is dried up before your cham gets near it too. Besides that, ficus are great. Alot of people like to use ficus or Hibiscus trees. I prefer the Hibiscus because of the flowers and if they are eaten, they have medicinal properties. Plus you don't have to worry about the white sap you get from the ficus.
I made Fractal a BIG salad this morning, topped with meal worms. mmmm
Bok choy, chard and another leaf that I get and eat from the farmer's market, were in it.
I think this is normal behavior for vieled according to what I have ben reading. It something like they eat some toxic plants to kill of parasites I'm not sure, I wish I could find the link. They also eat it to get water when there isn't that much rain or something.
I just added a pothos plant to Antonia's enclosure. I hear these are good for chams, but i do not know why? does anyone know?! I do know that they are non toxic... but will she probobally eat it? I hope so as a suppliment to her crickets!
Kitty gets collard greens at least 3 times a week if not daily.
High in calcium!!!
Check out a couple pics of him enjoying his greens on his blog (Address below).
BTW this is primarily a "veiled thing" don't expect any other species to (that I know of) to eat plants.

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