Introducing Tiny Tina!


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This is our sassy girl Valentina, she's about 6.5 months old. Tina is full of energy and loves hunting and exploring her cage. You can always find her somewhere, giving some side-eye. She loves hanging from her monstera and using the leaves as an umbrella to sleep under.

She went to her first vet appointment this week and was a brave little girl - we gave her her favorite plant for the trip, pearls & jade pothos, which we can't seem to keep enough of in her enclosure since she eats it so quickly.


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Welcome! Tiny Tina is just a perfect little beauty! 🤗 I love it when they hang from their tail and leave their back legs dangling! 🥰😂💗
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Welcome to the forum!

Cute young chameleon! Hope she does well for you!
Do you know they can lay eggs without having mated?
Yes, thank you!! She’s had her lay bin set up for about a month now. We followed MissSkittles’ guide to set up her bin using washed play sand in a 12x18 inch bin. We’ve placed some fluffy chameleon safe fern type plants in front (not shown in this picture) to provide some security. She hasn’t taken much interest in her bin as of yet, which we have expected, but she does occasionally use the sides to perch on to get those hard to reach, hiding crickets.

Here’s a pic with a bit more of her enclosure visible, this isn’t the most up to date picture as these plants have grown in a bit more. She destroys her pearls and jade pothos (what’s left of it is on the top right) so we keep several vines of it on hand to swap out when needed.


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Yes, that is true. We have read that it is often recommended to keep the lay bin in the enclosure at all times. We wanted to ensure that we were prepared with everything our sweet Tina needed before she moved into her larger enclosure.
It’s Tina’s treat time! Today she had 3 yummy (and crunchy 🤢) super-worms. We skipped the normal calcium today as her recent bloodwork came back with results that were a tad high. We’ve been letting her climb onto us to reach her bowl for treats when she feels comfortable doing so. Today she kept her little tail wrapped up on her branch. 😍

After her treats she went over to her perch in front to show what a happy girl she was.


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