Veiled closing eye(s) while basking


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Hey I just noticed yesterday when my new veiled chameleon basks he tends to close 1 eye or both, I have read maybe my wattage is to high (and basking is to high at the moment but he seems to enjoy) and it affects his eyes so when I am home from work was going to lower the wattage, Other than that he eats like no other and roams around (still grumpy when I try to hold him so I leave him be) here is the information on my veiled

Chameleon Info:

  • Your Chameleon – Believed to be veiled male chameleon, have had him 3 days, he is a baby (was not told how old)
  • Handling – Have handled him twice, letting it get more used to cage, He also hissed at me twice :eek:
  • Feeding – 12 small crickets and strawberries and veggies, dusted crickets with vitamin d3 one time
  • Supplements – Repti-Calcium with d3 once, Also have rep-cal herptivite multivitamins I have not used yet
  • Watering – I have a little dripper, also I mist 3 times during the day, for 3 minutes
  • Fecal Description - Briefly note colors and consistency from recent droppings. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites?
  • History – None so far, seems to be doing well

Cage Info:

  • Cage Type – Reptibreeze Screen cage, 18x18x36
Lighting – Basking – Zoomed repti basking 75w bulb, UVB - Zilla Slimline Desert 50 UVB T8 Fluorescent Fixture (have zoomed t8 10.0 on order)

  • Temperature – 72-80 through out cage with and 95 degree basking spot
  • Humidity - 45-50% humidity all times, 70% after misting, I use Imagitarium combo thermometers
  • Plants – No live plants yet, want to add a Corn plant
  • Placement – In the Corner in out kitchen, not easily disturbed where located
  • Location – Wisconsin, USA

Thanks for the help


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Welcome to the site! And more importantly, thank you so much for being so forthcoming with ‘the form’ and the details therein. You seem to be on the right track with your husbandry. My two cents worth is this: T8’s are less than optimal sources for uvb. When you have time, it would be awesome to add a linear t5, with 10-12-ish percent The reptisun 10.0, or Arcadia 12% are both good bulbs. While I know veileds see basking temps even in the 100s, captive ones often do better with a max basking temp of about 85. This will enable them to get closer to your uvb source for longer, until you can pick up a t5. Also, eventually, your Cham will probably enjoy a 2x2x4 foot cage.

As to sex, veileds are some of the easiest to identify: males will have a nub, or tarsal spur, on their back feet. Just google it, you’ll be able to tell in 2 seconds.

Finally, there’s two avenues for supplementation for veileds—each is viable. First, you can dust every feeding with pure calcium with no d3. Use a d3 supplement twice a month instead of pure calcium, and use a multivitamin (eg, herptivite) twice a month. This way, you’re dusting with just calcium every feeding but every other week you switch the calcium for calcium with D3, and on alternate weeks, a multivitamin.

The second route, which is the one I prefer just for it’s simplicity, is to buy ‘repashy calcium plus loD’ and use it every feeding. It is an all in one supplement that works great for veileds.

Also, if this is your first Cham, using the latter method is far easier. In the same vein, you can use a repashy product, either ‘superload’ or else ‘bug burger’ to gutload your insects. Again, I’m sure there will be chammers smarter and more experienced than me who will no doubt prefer different supplement routines, but the above works really well for veileds.

Finally, if you really want to go the whole hog on your baby, an automatic mister is never a bad decision.

Anyways and as I said, that I you so much for filling out the form, I hope I said something helpful here, and I wish you the best with your new baby!! Feel free to ask as many questions as you want!


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Further to all my babbling,

I just realized you asked about eye closing during basking...yikes, I need to stop drinking so early! Your baby is probably squinting during basking because your basking build is too bright. Try looking into a 75w bulb without squinting. Easy fix: get either a ceramic heat source, or just a plain old 40-60watt incandescent bulb.
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