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I was unsure as to posting this in the breeding section but anyways...

My Chameleon is pregnant! I will be seperating the male from the female shortly but what I wanted to know was...

How long is classed as risky to be leaving my Male Chameleon without a UV bulb. I haven't had time and won't until the weekend to purchase one. Will it be ok to keep him in a flexarium with no UV bulb up until the weekend?

I don't want to keep him with the female as he is pushing for sex and keeps attacking the female if she rejects.

Have you been keeping them in the same cage the entire time that you have owned them?

You should be housing them in separate cages unless you are breeding them which then you put them together for that little time and then separate them again.

You need to have UVB on them for 12 hours a day. I am including a link to the care sheets section for you to look at for proper care of the chams.

I have kept them together most of the time but they have mated so I was told it's time to seperate them. Hopefully a new viv should be delivered today.
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