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Help! My chameleons shed wont come off of the tip of his tail. I don't want to have it amputated or anything, and I've been misting him and giving extra mistings. Should I pull it off myself? I'm afraid I may pull off his skin though . image.jpg
If you can see, it's the white stiff in the middle where the tip of the tail would be.
If it's still attached, don't take it off yourself.

How long ago did he start shedding?
I wouldn't be worried just yet. It can take a few days to complete, and it varies as your chameleon gets older. I've heard of some chameleons that only do partial sheds at a time (older ones). With mr.pink I find that when he sheds there is usually some small left over pieces that can stay attached up to a week.
Okay thanks :) I was nervous because this is my first chameleon. I didn't want anything tragic to happen to him.
mr pink's my first too, and when he shed for the first time I was nervous too. (he had white spots all over him.... I wasn't sure if he was shedding or not). But thanks to the awesome, and patient people here, my mind was quickly put at ease. The second time he shed there was a small piece of skin under his chin that stayed there for 3-4 days after he finished shedding the rest of his body. You'll notice that the parts of his body that move around the most shed the fastest, while other areas that doesn't experience as much movement will take longer.

Just make sure not to pick at it, or pull any of it off for him. You could accidently pull off parts of his skin that aren't ready to go yet, and it can cause him to have sores in that spot.
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