Tribute to Luie


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</3 Louie was like the chameleons forums standard for a happy healthy chameleon. R.I.P. pretty boy. Jann I hope it brings you some solace to know how loved he IS and always will be to this community.


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Oh Jann, I just read this and I am so very very sorry for your loss, Luie had a huge spot in my heart and it just brings me to tears to read this, I can't imagine how you must gave him one incredible life and he could not have been more loved or better off with anyone else, this entire chameleon family lost the most awesome thoughts and prayers for you.


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I haven't been on CF that much in recent days and even tho' there was no way to stop time I was still shocked to read on FB that Luie had passed.

Jann I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks I am just so sad for you. Please know that you, your family AND your Cham family are in my thoughts and prayers. Luie had just the best life any Cham could hope for and he loved you as much as you loved him!

RIP Luie, you are the standard to which I aspire my chams to be!


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I am writing this poem for you and Luie with tears in my eyes :( I'm so sorry he has passed.

Luie lived a long and happy life with Jann
He is such a beautiful little man
Now his passing brings tears to our eyes
Because he was a part of all of our lives
Jann you miss him more than we know
But please don't worry because he's not alone
He is with Camille in heaven too
And I'm sure he will give her a kiss from you

RIP Luie xxx
That is a very moving tribute. Crying a LOT now...!


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This brought me to tears reading this. I have seen him grow up, and watched all of the great points of his life here on this forum. My prayers go to you, and Luie is in a better place now. I will miss him, and seeing pictures of him. Stay strong, Jann, you can always pm me if you want someone to talk to.



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Thank you so much for all the love and support. Luie was a very special boy. He was my first and my only for almost a year before we got Camille. We always spend so much time together. He was a really big part of my life. I miss his so much.


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I sure know how much you love your chams, Jann. It will be devastating when Merlin passes and he is our last friend. We had to rehome all our babies because of many reasons and hopefully everyone will give them as good of homes they had here. I will still be hatching out eggs for a year and raising little ones for quite awhile, so we can't move until then, so we will have time to find one more friend to love and raise and keep to share our home. We really prefer to let them share out home and not cage them 24/7.

My heart goes out to you.


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Apologies, I have only just seen this sad news. I am so sorry for your tragic loss Jann. Luie was so beautiful, truely stunning. You have some wonderful photos of him to remember him by. He will be watching over you from his ficus in the sky. Stay strong for the others XX


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Sorry to post again, but it just hit me even worse when one of my friends brought up a picture of luie saying what an amazingly beautiful cham he is and me telling him I semi know the owner and he recently passed. I feel for you jann no matter wheather we know eachothers face or live in the same state. Your a veiled legend and glad your in this world!!<3


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So sad

Oh my gosh, I don't know how I missed this sad event! I am so sorry to read this Jann. There was not a more beloved chameleon, by forum members and by his/her owner.

Luie was a lucky guy to have you and you to have him. It was meant to be :)

RIP Luie, you will be missed around here


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This saddens me so to read of your loss of Luie. Know that you did all that you could for him. You gave Luie a long and glorious life.
I can only imagine how heartbroken you must be. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Thank you again everyone for being there for me during my loss of Luie. You all have helped to easy the pain. My forum friends are always so loving and compassionate during my time of need. I just read through all of your kind comments again (with tears) and you all mean a great deal to me.
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