Time to bring the chams in!

I guess I might need to bring the little guys in tonight!



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Holey Cow Zerah! LOL Keep that over your way.....I don't want it here and I've seen it's heading this direction :(


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wow zerrah. just wow. it hasnt snowed here yet its been warm so stuey is having fun but itss been RAINING all day! so cold. I hate winter.


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man chameleons must be a lot hardier than everyone thinks............its snowing out and youre just now getting them in? Or are you using some dry humor?

I just got mine from BLUE BEAST...........thanks Tyler. And they didnt seem to be so happy from the overnight shipment.
LOL, I am in OK but you were close. And yes it was a bit of dry humor I guess? They have been inside for at least a few hours, LOL.

Disclaimer. Do not leave you chams out in the snow, this was a joke and only a joke. If you choose to keep chameleons in the snow you do so at your own risk.
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