Think it's a problem that she saw me?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Breeding' started by pssh, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. pssh

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    My new sambava female has decided that today was laying day. She's been in a free range and I palpated her belly a few days ago. . She felt like a sack of marbles! I added a nice big 5 gallon laying bin which she happily ignored. I walked into the room just a few minutes ago and looked around for her. It looked like she was face down in a pothos plant (I am very short and the plant was up very high.) Silly me went over there to put her in a bigger laying bin so that she could do her business and when I had climbed up a chair to go get her, I found that she was actually BUTT down in the plant!! She hadn't even dug a hole! I got down quickly but she had already seen me and started to turn really dark...

    What do you guys think? She's in my bathroom free range right now, so I just left and re-closed the door.
  2. sandrachameleon

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    Id leave her. She'll very most likely go right back to business.
    Have accidentally had several of my females over the years catch sight of me once or twice. It happens. So long as the disturbance is short and uneventful, they all went right back to work.

    I think it would be worse to interrupt her now, to try to move her or anything
  3. pssh

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    Of course! I would never move her while she was laying. She just surprised me with the lack of the normal procedure! :) I think this may be her first clutch, but I dont have much background on her..
  4. pssh

    pssh New Member

    She is closing her eyes now...?
  5. moviemanmania

    moviemanmania Avid Member

    LOL! How exciting!
  6. NorCalInvs

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    Congratz thats very cool, where are you at in N. Cal, good to see I am not alone, lol. Sambava's are my favorite btw.
  7. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Well, she fell asleep finally. I went egg hunting. I found 5 in the pothos, one on the ground, and two in her umbrella plant. That's a total of 8... They looked very infertile and under developed.
  8. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Are you serious?
  9. NorCalInvs

    NorCalInvs New Member

    I'm confussed to what your problem with my post was.
  10. warpdrive

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    My Laurie just laid her first clutch of eggs the other night.
    She has seen that I saw her at least 4 times in the 4 days that she was in her laying bin.
    The last time was when she just covered up the hole she laid in...she then whent on to an open hole that was never covered up in that time and "pretended" to lay for an hour before covering it up. That deception on her part then made me dig up the wrong hole first as I thought she laid in it.

    Why does this forum call them test holes? My chams never went to school and don't know how to take a deception holes sound better in my eyes after what I've been seeing in the past few days.

  11. pssh

    pssh New Member

    No problem with your post, I just wasn't sure as it generally is not a good thing when they close their eyes.

    Wow! That was smart of her! I just hope my little girl got all of her eggies out! I accidentally woke her up while I was searching and she ran down to her feeding tub and ate a few crickets immediately then went back to her sleeping spot. That's a good sign at least!

    Hey, I had a random hydei explosion, do you need any? I don't have enough mouths to feed.
  12. warpdrive

    warpdrive Avid Member

    Use the extra hydeis to make new tubs of cultures now. Then use them to start new ones again....soon you'll need them if the eggs are fertile.

  13. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Well she is 100% good to go. She has been eating so much lately that I can almost get her to hand feed. :) I was afraid she hadn't laid all her eggs because it was such a small clutch. I've never heard of anyone with a female that had a clutch that small? Has anyone else?

    I did that. They are still overloading me. I'd make more cultures, but I ran out of media and I really dont need or want 10 cultures! :)

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