Stunning Giant Fischer's, Dresden!


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Beautiful Animal :)

That is a beautiful animal you have there. Not bad photography either! I love the name. Very fitting for such a great looking chameleon. He is lucky for landing in your hands :)


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Wow!! He's absolutely beautiful and the pics are fantastic.
You mentioned doing a video of hydration techniques and ways to administer treatments...I think I think it's a great idea and you should do it. It would be such a help to members! :)


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As the weather has gotten cooler, Dresden has really upped his intake and has been pacing his cage looking for a lady. As temps in the wild do not vary too much year round, I wonder if K. Matschiei mate year round...?

I have attempted several times during winter and early spring to get a mating but the males just don't seem to have the drive unless they have spent consistent days outside in the natural sunlight.

I know you Tenuis and Deremensis keepers share the same climate. Anyone else care to chime in?
Hi, I'm a single female from the Eastern Arc, what a coincidence! Just like you I enjoy sunsets, rolling fog and huge, shady trees.

I also love flying insects, snails, grubs and even the occasional hymenopteran. Maybe we can go out for some spicy, crunchy bees together! Oh, and sit in the rain afterwards, for sure. Get totally hydrated...

Here's the best thing -- I'm NOT gravid!

Anyway, gimmie a head bob if you are interested.
This is priceless! :D
kinyongia have to be some of my favorite species. i read that in the mornings, water collects on their casque and they drink it.:rolleyes:


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Nice pic, Chad!!! Oh, but wait!!! "People just don't want chameleons with weird rostral projections and blotchy colors that aren't super cool." Yeah, because that tail is just another uncool feature:rolleyes::D

Yay for K.!!!


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This dude absolutely loves to get out of his cage. He will come to the door and crawl up and down on it until I open it. If I offer a hand to crawl onto, he crawls right my hand, over my arm, and onto the nearest cage or tree. The tail is always finding something to wrap around as he makes his way around. In fact, if I really wanna pick up a chameleon of this species...I make sure the tail is not wrapped around anything but my hand before I pick up.

Dresden got lucky on Monday and again today I believe. He mounted my female (Alba) within 15 seconds of seeing her. I'm going to end up with quite a few babies if they all make it through the long incubation period and hatch successfully.

A very unappreciated species and QUITE different from the "regular" Fischer's Chameleons - (Kinyongia Multituberculata.)


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Absolutely gorgeous species Chad! I love him and that tail.:D Best of luck with the breeding. How long is their incubation period?


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Homeboy has learned to come see me for his food. Also of note, he used to ignore roaches completely (big and small) and now he likes going for the sub-adult roaches. Stick insects were consumed in a hurry.

Silkworms, hornworms, snails, and earthworms aren't really his thing either.


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Dresden is a father to be. His little lady just laid the first clutch from their mating. Clutch was laid 2/16/11 so expect babies this time next year from Dresden!!

Other clutches are set to hatch this spring from Malachite's line.


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Congrats Chad! I am looking forward to seeing some new babies!
Malachite's excited to be a daddy (not really, but I am:))
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