1. Seeco

    Female Kinyongia multituberculata HQ photos

    HQ Photos Female Kinyongia multituberculata Check out these CB ladies. Why don't I take pics of the females more often? Each photo is a different animal. I just noticed that they are all facing in the same exact direction -- the sun was at my 7 or 8 and these are all sun starved indoor chams --...
  2. CNorton

    Stunning Giant Fischer's, Dresden!

    Here's Dresden! He is a Giant Fischer's Chameleon, Kinyongia Matschiei. He is probably around 2 years old but I can't be sure because he is wild-caught. Dresden loves the cool weather (60-75F) and especially the cool mountain fog that rolls off the foothills of Lake probably...
  3. CNorton

    K Matschiei Female Lays!

    K Matschiei = Matschie's Two-horned Chameleo = East Usambara Two-horned Chameleon = Monkey-tailed Fischer's Chameleon = Giant Fischer's Chameleon I got Bella from a petstore down in San Diego. Yes, the one Kent visits from time to time! The shipment of Giant Fischer's that came in June '09...
  4. Tribute


    Here's to the late great Bradley
  5. Exploring


    The late Bradley having a climb on me.
  6. Nighttime


    The late Bradley enjoying his evening mist.
  7. Dresden 2631

    Dresden 2631

  8. Dresden 2640

    Dresden 2640

  9. Dresden 2639

    Dresden 2639

  10. Dresden 2632

    Dresden 2632

  11. Dresden 2638

    Dresden 2638

  12. Malachite


    Giant Fischer's tailcrop
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