Stunning Giant Fischer's, Dresden!

Here's Dresden! He is a Giant Fischer's Chameleon, Kinyongia Matschiei. He is probably around 2 years old but I can't be sure because he is wild-caught.

Dresden loves the cool weather (60-75F) and especially the cool mountain fog that rolls off the foothills of Lake probably reminds him of the Usambara Mountains and his old Upper Eastside neighborhood. As long as he can warm up in the morning a bit, he is happiest in the shade and the highest tree he can find.

I interrupted his tranquil sunbathing sunset the other day for your viewing pleasure...

If you can't see any pics here...go to my Photostream!


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Hi, I'm a single female from the Eastern Arc, what a coincidence! Just like you I enjoy sunsets, rolling fog and huge, shady trees.

I also love flying insects, snails, grubs and even the occasional hymenopteran. Maybe we can go out for some spicy, crunchy bees together! Oh, and sit in the rain afterwards, for sure. Get totally hydrated...

Here's the best thing -- I'm NOT gravid!

Anyway, gimmie a head bob if you are interested.


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Hi Jann,

our Giant Fischer male has an total length from 17 inch - not very small.
But the tail ist about 60% of the total length and these Chams a very small if you compare them with Jemen.

Thanks Peter. I've seen a regular Fischer and he was quite small and it's always hard to tell size from pictures.
that's funny...Dresden, Germany is my
But why you choose Dresden as name????
After having my original Veileds back in '98, Louie & Hurley, I decided that I would name all my chams after places I've been or would like to go. I did break that rule with one cham I've got now named Bella but she is special because Tylene's daughters named her Bella after her visits with Malachite.

Dresden, from what I understand, is a culturally rich city. There is so much art, design, natural development, and life in Dresden. It just seemed like a good way to remind myself that I would like to visit there someday.

(not my pic, taken from Lutzmann's Bradypodion Systematics Revision article, photo by Jean Mariaux)

In regards to size, I think a full grown Matschiei would look as big as a full grown Veiled. The Matschiei will be more laterally slim than the Veiled but their rostrals, dorsal crest, and long tail make up for it. I was drawn to Matschiei over the Multis mostly because they are so much bigger. I've found that Matschiei are not as shy as Multis and don't take off at a galloping pace when you reach for them...although my gravid girl did gape at me twice, which is super rare! They are such an amazing species, that's why I'm so obsessed!
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Thank you so much for the info. They are such gorgeous animals. The one in the picture you just posted it huge and I love the colors.


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Hey Chad!

Congrats on that handsome boy. Bet your girls will like him. He looks pretty good for being WC. Have you done a fecal on him? Just wondering what he came in with.

How are those eggs doing these days?
Hey Chad!

Congrats on that handsome boy. Bet your girls will like him. He looks pretty good for being WC. Have you done a fecal on him? Just wondering what he came in with.

How are those eggs doing these days?
Yeah, he was not looking too good when I got him. I should put his sickly looking pics up just to show you the absolute death bed he was on.

His fecal came back with lots of threadworm (strongyloides stercoralis) which was no big surprise. Luckily I've learned that when a cham sits completely still and refuses to eat or drink all day, that means you better get your treatments going ASAP. I really learned a lot when my first Giant Fischer's kicked over shortly after getting him...people like Catherine, Fabian, Juli, Jared, and Luis have been great resources. You can see tons of great advice on the same thread that I created about my first Giant that died here. All these people listed walked the walk and I just want to say...this site is great because of them.

I've been considering doing some youtube videos on rehydration techniques, administration of medicines, and other WC acclimation tools. It's not something easily explained in a sticky or even over the phone. Is there anything out there on video like this?
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