Bella - My female Giant Fischer's


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Here's Bella enjoying her new home in northern California. My wife and I moved and it has proven to be a good decision because look what the chams can enjoy now! She has fattened up really quickly since March 17 when she laid 26 infertile eggs. She is my most friendly chameleon. Happy-go-lucky and always ready for some outdoor roaming!

For those scientific types, this is a Kinyongia Matschiei. The more scientifically acceptable common name is East Usambara Two-horned Chameleon but when you see them for sale...they are called Giant Fischer's or Giant Monkey-tailed Fischer's Chameleons.



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Ahh, Bella looks so happy! How is Mal's girlfriend doing?
Bella is happy! I'm thinking I should have just had Mal mate both of the girls. But if I can just get another male in the mix, that's a whole other blood line.

The other girl is good too. She hasn't gained as much weight as I would like but then again, she might have a whole month left before laying. She has gained 8 grams since being bred a month ago. Her journal/pics are here.

Nice happy cham, you can't beat that, unless it is a new home you & wife like.:)
Yeah, we're working on it Laurie! As for the moment, we're packed into a studio apt and saving every penny so we can buy a house...hopefully one with an extra room;)

Thanks for the love, Jared. Can't get enough K!
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