stuck shed?


So she finished shedding last week and 2 days ago I noticed the white spot on her bottom lip. It looks like skin that hasn't fallen off yet. Just wondering how long I should wait before I need to worry about stuck shed.


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It looks like skin about to shed but I’m not 100% on that. I don’t know why I feel like it may not be shed, just do... Has it changed the way it looks over the last 48hrs? Maybe take a qtip and gently rub it to see how it reacts?


Nope it hasn't changed at all I've been watching it. I took her out and inspected her that's the only spot she has. It came out of no where too I went to mist her one morning and it was there. Shes till eating and moving around like normal idk what it is.


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Question for super experienced ppl .... i understand if a shed is stuck around leg or tail it can cut off circulation... but if its stuck in the tinyest spot like the chin or tip of nose is that also an issue???


So I rubbed it with a qtip and it started to flake off. Just going to leave it be and fall off on its own.
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