Storm Preparations... What You Need to do for Your Pets...

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    I'm just looking for advice on this, but wouldn't it be bad to keep a chameleon in the dark for several days? This would at least make me nervous beyond belief. I imagine it would confuse the heck out of the chameleon too.
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    If it's an emergency, and you have no other options, a few days in the dark aren't the worst thing in the world for a chameleon. Again, this is a last resort, but if you have had a bad storm and lost power, and have no way to safely have your chameleon basking in the sunlight then that's what you could do.
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    That's an excellent idea! You could print up the information on a stiff piece of cardstock and then have it heavily laminated so you don't have to worry about it getting wet or soiled. It will just rinse out wipe off.
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    I’ve ghosted this thread for a while holding my tongue. Many of you are either overthinking this or assuming your animals are snowflakes and going to melt without 24/7 attention.

    Now granted, depending on the conditions where you live, things could go downhill fast. Those conditions being extreme heat or cold. You have to know how to handle those extremes.

    As for a disaster:

    One jug of distilled water and a 3cc syringe is all any cham keeper needs. Offer the animal drops from that twice a day. None of this “my little pookie wont drink from my hand” crap. The most pissy cham will drink if it is THAT badly in need of water and that jug will be more than enough for the duration.

    Temps are the real issue. If they get too hot like in CA, you could be up the creek. So think on that. Cold air sinks, if I have access to cold packs I just put one or two on top of the cage and let the cold air sink. The cham will find a comfortable spot

    The cold can be fixed by having heat packs on hand. Heat rises. You cover the top of the cage with a towel and put a few heat packs at the bottom. The top area warms up a bit that way. Temps in the 60’s will suffice for many species for a short time

    So what if there's no UV for a week? Won’t hurt em. Try some natural sunlight if you can. If you can’t, well, they can see by the same candle you are using if its that dark in your situation

    A big issue most don’t address is having a simple plastic container ready to transport your animal with. In a pinch I can pack my animals up and get out in record time

    - and you know what? My Parsons will be just fine on a branch in a big ventilated plastic storage bin as long as I make sure they don’t overheat. They don’t need the huge fancy habitat, they need an owner who understands their basic needs.

    Hopefully everybody in FL is ok. When the trees snap the chameleons go with em proverbially speaking
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